Taming the Bookkeeping Beast !!!

Do you find it overwhelming to do your books ?

Here are few Tips…..

Set aside a specific day in the week to take care of your accounting records.

Depending on the volume of transactions in your bank and credit cards, you may schedule about 1 to 2 hrs a week for it.

Make an appointment with your Books !

Make an appointment on your schedule. Do it on your slow day.

Get Technology help. Get an accounting software to give you the boost you need.

Connect the bank and credit card accounts to download automatically daily and work on them weekly.

Some even post automatically for you , but be cautious with that one and review for proper classifications.

Aaaaaah,  the Reconciliation !!!!!!!!!!

Reconcile your bank and credit cards every month.

If you do all the above, next Tax time will be a Breeeeeeze….

So many Accounting Software, What  to use?????

Good Question ! We support WaveApps Accounting which is a free software if you are new in business and have a simple structure.

For a more robust requirements you can use QuickBooks online, FreshBooks or Xero.

We have training for both QuickBooks online and Wave Apps Accounting.

Forms of training we do:

Self Study on Demand where you learn at your own pace for QuickBooks Online and WaveApps Accounting   Learn more here

Webinars & in person training for Waveapps & QuickBooks Learn more here

We hope this will help you Tame that Beast and Conquer your Freedom and actually look forward to next tax time.

Enjoy taking charge of your finances.

Much Love XOXO

Juliana N. Kennedy, CPA, Certified QuickBooks Trainer

www.JNKcpa.com  for Small Business Accounting Taxes services

www.ElearnBizSoftware.com  for Self study ecourses for Wave and        QuickBooks Online

www.BusinessSoftwareTrainers.com   for Live Webinars and in person Training for WaveApps and QuickBooks Online